Ordering FAQs

Once you have placed an order in our webshop, you will receive an email on how to pay. Please read carefully and follow the steps.

Once you’ve made a payment, it takes a few days before the payment is cleared and visible in our bank account. Once we see the payment and administer it, you will receive a payment confirmation email.

  • We ship our products in discrete plain envelopes/boxes, with no mention of any ‘magic’ contents. NO logo’s, NO Wholecelium business names, NO manuals, etc.  


You can not feel from the outside what is in the package. It is hard material. 

We tape it so that it’s not easy to open. But, not too much tape, so it won’t look as if someone really did his best to make sure no one can open it ;p  
We never send any invoices with the packages. Invoices are only via email.

You can have the package shipped to any address you type in on your order, we directly copy-paste this. Please make sure to really check the address and make sure it is correct and complete.

This really depends on the country you order from. 
Within Europe: between 2-5 working days ( from the moment it’s shipped)  
Outside Europe: it is around 7 or more working days.

If you have a special date in mind, please order timely.

We ship to many countries worldwide, you can check out our Shipping page.

We ship out once we have received and administered your payment. First you receive a payment received email and then we ship out. 

Read our Terms and Condition